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  Complete each of the following sentences with the most likely answer.(15 points)

  1.She was invited to go to the ball but she did not even have ______ to go with her dress.

  A.a piece of jewelry B.piece of jewelry

  C.a jewelry D.one jewelry

  2.I'd like to have ______ with you sometime this week about your approaching exams.

  A.a word B.some word

  C.some words D.one word

  3.What _______ honest man he is!

  A.a B./

  C.the D. an

  4.Tomorrow it will be cloudy, with a few sunny ______ .

  A. intervals B.periods

  C.steps D.instance

  5.The coach felt that he was responsible ______his team's total failure in the championships.

  A.at B.for

  C.in D.on

  6._______to the dinner party, he went to a movie to kill time.

  A.Not to be invited B.Not having been invited

  C.Having not been invited D.Not having invited

  7.In many parts of the world the only _______ water supply lies below the ground.

  A.continuous B.permanent

  C.instant D.constant

  8.He is determined to get _______ of the profit than he had been offered.

  A.ten percent more B.ten more percent

  C.more ten percent D.as many as ten percent

  9.The temple was built on a hillside, _______was a pleasant,winding valley.

  A.by which B.under which

  C.below which D.down which

  10.I would have gone with you,but I _______too tired.

  A.was B.had been

  C.must be D.must have been

  11.Mark often attempts to escape _______ whenever he breaks traffic regulations.

  A.having been fined B.to have been fined

  C.to be fined D.being fined

  12.We didn't know his telephone number;otherwise we _______ him.

  A.would have telephoned B.must have telephoned

  C.would telephone D.had telephoned

  13.That was so serious a matter that I had no choice but _______ the police.

  A.called in B.calling in

  C.call in D.to call in

  14.They took _______ measures to prevent poisonous gases from escaping.

  A.fruitful B.beneficial

  C.valid D.effective

  15.Until then,his family __________ from him for six months.

  A.didn't hear B.hasn't been hearing

  C.hasn't heard D.hadn't heard



  Fill in each blank in the passage with the most likely answer.(15 points)

  Shopping habits in the United States have changed greatly in the last quarter of the 20th century.Early in the 1900s most American towns and cities had a Main Street.Main Street was always in the heart of a town.This street was 16 on both sides with many various businesses. Here,shoppers walked into stores to look at all sorts of merchandise:clothing, furniture, hardware,groceries. 17 ,some shops offered 18 .These shops included drugstores,restaurants, shoe repair stores,and barber or hairdressing shops. 19 in the 1950s,a change began to 20 .Too many automobiles had crowded into Main Street 21

  too few parking places were 22 shoppers.Because the streets were crowded,merchants began to look with interest at the open spaces 23 the city limits.Open space is what their car driving customers needed.And open space is what they got when the first shopping center was built.Shopping centers,or rather malls, 24 as a collection of small new stores 25

  crowded city centers.Attracted by hundreds of free parking space,customers were drawn away from 26 areas to outlying malls.And the growing 27 of shopping centers led 28

  to the building of bigger and better stocked stores. 29 the late 1970s,many shopping malls had almost developed into small cities themselves.In addition to providing the convenience of one stop shopping, malls were transformed into landscaped parks, 30 benches,fountains,and outdoor entertainment.

  16.A.built B.designed C.intended D.lined

  17.A.Apart from B.However C.In addition D.As well

  18.A.medical care B.food C.cosmetics D.services

  19.A.Suddenly B.Abruptly C.Contrarily D.But

  20.A.be taking place B.take place C.be taken place D.have taken place

  21.A.while B.yet C.though D.and then

  22.A.available for B.available to C.used by D.ready for

  23.A.over B.from C.out of D.outside

  24.A.started B.founded C.set up D.organized

  25.A.out of B.away from C.next to D.near

  26.A.inner B.central C.shopping D.downtown

  27.A.distinction B.fame C. popularity D.1iking

  28.A.on B.in turn C.by turns D.further

  29.A.By B.During C.In D.Towards

  30.A.because of B.and C.with D.provided



  Choose the closest paraphrased version for each of the sentences or italicized parts.(10 points)

  31.I attended the funeral with them and sat through it with a lump of cold lead in my chest and a big resolution growing through me.

  A.Throughout the funeral,I was filled with sadness.

  B.The sad atmosphere of the funeral almost choked me.

  C.At the funeral I felt as cold as lead from beginning to end.

  D.All the time I sat at the funeral with a heart as heavy as lead.

  32.I don't think I'd have dared to approach you if you'd looked the least bit as I always imagined.

  A.If you had been more handsome I wouldn't have had the courage to come over and speak to you.

  B.If I had found you as handsome as I had always imagined,I wouldn't have spoken to you.

  C.It was only when I found you didn't look smart at all that I decided to speak to you.

  D.It was only when I found you less handsome that I was that I have the courage to speak to you.

  33.When Hughie came in he found Trevor putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life-size picture of a beggar-man.

  A.Trevor was adding some decorations

  B.Trevor was making some correction.

  C.Trevor had just checked a few details

  D.Trevor had almost finished the picture

  34.The beauty of our country —or at least all of its south of North Scotland—is as hard to define as it is easy to enjoy.

  A.The beauty of our country is easy to enjoy but difficult to describe.

  B.It is difficult both to state the beauty of our country and to really appreciate it.

  C.It is more difficult to really appreciate the beauty of our country than to give it a definition.

  D.To discover the beauty of our country requires much intelligence, but to define it is a different matter.

  35.That did not answer;the sherry was a little too dry.

  A.His efforts of selling sherry proved a failure;the sherry was not moist enough.

  B.Nobody answered his hawking;people did not buy his sherry because it was too dry.

  C.His trail of selling sherry did not provide a solution;he soon became tired of it again.

  D.He did not get money in this business;the sherry dried out and he had nothing to sell.

  36.Nothing was too good for that child(Laura).

  A.Laura deserved whatever her parents did for her.

  B.Laura was a spoilt child and she was hard to please.

  C.Laura never took her parents’ love and care for granted.

  D.Laura was untouched no matter what her parents did for her.

  37.No one really expects a vacation trip to produce a close friend.

  A.Not everyone believes that people they meet during a holiday trip could become close friends.

  B.Not everyone thinks close friendship can be developed among fellow travelers during a vacation trip.

  C.People everywhere are so eager for friendship that they want to make close friends during a vacation trip.

  D.Though they may hope so.People don’t think it is possible to form close friendship during a holiday trip.

  38.Child is a believing creature.Cliff undoubtedly believed them.

  A.A child always wants adults to believe him.

  B.A child readily accepts what adults say.

  C.A child never rejects what adults tell him to do.

  D.A child never thinks that adults can be right.

  39.The hero created himself;the celebrity is created by the media.

  A.The hero was admired for what they had done for society;the celebrity burst onto the scene by the work of the media.

  B.The hero made it through their own efforts;the celebrity achieves fame because of his good relations with the media.

  C.The hero of the past was active;today's celebrity is passive.

  D.The hero publicized himself;the celebrity is publicized by the media

  40.In strict truth an invention is almost never the sole product of any one mind.

  A.It is true that no invention is so intelligent and competent that he can hit upon a good idea alone.

  B.Precisely, no product can be perfected by the sole inventor;it takes more than one man to do the job.

  C.Strictly speaking,nearly all inventions are the result of the combined effort of many people.

  D.Truly, if inventors want to create something wonderful they must put their minds together


  • 肖丽*    会计  
  • 胡晓*    电子商务
  • 姚芬*    人力资源管理 
  • 方先*    市场营销
  • 柳志*    工程管理 
  • 李翔*    计算机及应用  
  • 万启*    金融管理 
  • 荆先*    商务管理 
  • 胡林*    数字媒体艺术
  • 刘小*    土木工程